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  • could buy 200 packets of High Energy Biscuits – specially packed with vitamins and minerals for children – each month

  • could give daily, life-saving nutrition treatments to 3 malnourished children each month

  • could give 10 children meals at school, every day, each month


Give once

  • could pay for 100 packets of High Energy Biscuits

  • could pay for emergency meals for 60 children

  • could pay for food for one family for a month


Children are at risk dying — and if nothing changes, Yemen could face famine. We urgently need funds to continue saving lives.

UNWFP is on the front line, providing millions of people with vital food. But we can’t continue this work without the generous support of people like you. Getting food urgently into Yemen is essential.

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The UN World Food Programme is a 100% voluntarily funded organization. For every $1 you give, 64 cents goes directly to programmes supporting hungry people.

Right now, 2 cents is used to process your donation and 6 cents helps run WFP and our programmes. 28 cents goes towards raising the next $1 (which under our ten-year plan will fall – averaging out at 22 cents between 2020-2030).

WFP, as an international organization, enjoys privileges and immunities, including exemption from direct taxation.

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