Give monthly

  • A month can buy 200 packets of High Energy Biscuits – specially packed with vitamins and minerals for children.

  • A month can give daily, lifesaving nutrition treatments to 3 malnourished children.

  • A month can give 10 children meals at school, every day


Give once

  • Could pay for 100 packets of high energy biscuits.

  • Could pay for emergency meals for 60 children.

  • Could pay for food for one family for a month.

Coronavirus emergency:
help prevent famine

As Coronavirus sweeps through the world's most fragile countries, millions could face a famine of biblical proportions. We must act now to prevent this.

We urgently need your support to keep life-saving food flowing to children and their families.

The number of people facing acute hunger could double this year, due to the impact of COVID-19. This pandemic has become more than a health crisis; we are on the brink of a hunger pandemic.

Please donate now.

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The UN World FoodProgrammeis a 100% voluntarily funded organization. For every $1 you give, 64 centsgoesdirectly toprogrammessupporting hungry people.
Right now, 2 centsisused to process your donation and 6 cents helps run WFP and ourprogrammes. 28 centsgoestowards raising the next $1 (which under our ten-year plan will fall – averaging out at 22 cents between 2020-2030).

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